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PO Box 585, Carmichael, CA, 95609, USA
Phone: 916-483-7266
Route Managment Solutions since 1987
For Payphones, ATMs, Air\Water Machines, Vacuums, etc.
America's Business Software is a company committed to creating and improving information systems that maximize the effectiveness of managing routes. We design software that gathers and organizes data to generate reports which assist executive and operations managers in making daily and long-term decisions. We take a straightforward approach to our development process. Extensive research is performed on the informational needs of the companies that operate in the particular industry the application is being developed for. The industry’s jargon and acronym’s must be interpreted and incorporated into the application to create an easy-to-use and intuitive user menu system and front-end. All major functions and processes are designed to be quick and fully automated i.e. check writing, invoicing, etc. The report capabilities are flexible and allow the users to select which criteria are reported.
America's Business Software's mission is to create, improve and maintain state of the art Information System Technology.
America's Business Software
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