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M.I.S.T. is designed to efficiently gather, analyze and produce information to effectively manage payphone routes. M.I.S.T. is a single entry accounting system designed to track multiple streams of revenue and expenses associated with payphones. It also incorporates reports for Collection Schedules and Trouble Tickets.
M.I.S.T. has a unique double tracking revenue and expense feature. Each revenue and expense, including User Defined, can support two amounts. One amount is the actual revenue or expense and the second amount is the amount used to calculate commissions.
M.I.S.T. generates a pre-commission report for management review prior to calculating and issuing commission checks. Financial details can be itemized on the check stubs.
Polling data can be utilized for generating real time collection schedules and trouble tickets. Polling data can also be used to Audit coin collectors.
System Synopsis
Revenue\Expense Tracking Features
Commission/Check Writing Functions
Smart Phones