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M.I.S.T. is now specifically designed to manage your ATM routes. M.I.S.T. is designed to maintain all your site information. Where the ATM is located, contact information (contact name, phone number, mailing address, etc.), Load Forecasting Information and commission schedules.
Load Scheduling
M.I.S.T. has incorporated a simple to use, yet sophisticated Load Scheduling System. The system is capable of forecasting load dates by using a Daily Average Algorythm. The daily average can be calculated by using current daily activity or by using historical, same week last year. Each ATM can be scheduled to be loaded (deposit) or swapped within a few days prior to being empty. Data is downloaded from your processor daily and is used to calculate and project load schedules.
System Synopsis
Commission\Check Writing Functions
M.I.S.T. can calculate commissions on Surcharge and\or Interexchange revenue or the number of transactions. Commission checks can be written with detailed information printed on the stub.
M.I.S.T. has a unique double tracking revenue and expense feature. Each revenue and expense, including User Defined, can support two amounts. One amount is the actual revenue or expense and the second amount is the amount used to calculate commissions.
Revenue\Expense Tracking Features