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M.I.S.T. is capable of tracking and managing Air and Water Machines, Vacuum Machines and virtually any other coin operated service equipment. Each machine can be assigned a serial number to track it. All the functions that are required to vend these machines are available, such as Calculating Commissions, Writing Checks, Collection Schedules, Trouble Tickets and Profit Reporting.
System Synopsis
System Configuration
M.I.S.T. has many user definable features. This allows you to setup the system the way you want it. You define Revenue and Expense fields. You define which Revenue and Expense fields you want displayed for commission checks and which ones for Internal Profit reports.
M.I.S.T. has a unique double tracking revenue and expense feature. Each revenue and expense, including User Defined, can support two amounts. One amount is the actual revenue or expense and the second amount is the amount used to calculate commissions.
Revenue\Expense Tracking Features